Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

  • Your Offers

    You can build an attractive offer page listing all services you want to offer to clients. Immidiately after entering your page, they will see all available offers and can buy anything they want.

    Clients can also click on each offer in order to get more detailed information about anything you consider to be important.

    It is imperative to guarantee the quality of your offers. That's why all your offers can be served under your domain and your brand. Your logotype and the name will be clearly present on the page. Clients will see that you are a professional with high quality standards.

    Change logotype, colors of your brand

    Add beautiful marketing banners

    Add photos, videos, ingredients

    In addition to a great description, you can also display suggested offers to your clients. Why not to offer a an additional grammar materials after purchasing an English online course.

  • Orders

    Our platform is primarily used for collecting and processing orders from clients. Therefore, the customer experience placing an order is very important.

    Your customers can add offer to the cart, and when they are ready they can check out.

    They will need to provide tiny details about themselves, enter comments and specify relevant contact information.

    The customer then can choose one of the payment methods that you’ve provided. You decide which payment methods you want to offer.

    After ordering, your customer will receive a unique access code and can view purchased content in two ways: from the website or from personal account.

  • Offer builder

    In order to launch your new content selling website, you should add at least one offer to your page. It can be done simply with a click of a button.

    In the beginning, just specify a name for your offer, write an attractive description, define a price and choose a container for your content. You can choose an exisiting container or create an absolutely new one. If you decide to create new container, you will need to choose a type of content you want to sell.

    After that, you can upload an attractive photo and define a category for your new offer and you are ready to go.

    However, as you can see, we also have some advanced options. In order to learn how to use them check our wikipedia

  • Distribution

    Our platform gives you a straightforward and effective distribution control system.

    Depending on the payment method and your settings, the content can be served to buyer immidiately after you accept the order and change the payment status.

    The access to content is based on the unique access code which will be sent to customer by email immidiately after you accept an the order. People will be able to access purchased content directly from the website or in personal account.

    You can create containers with the content you want to serve. Each container can hold one or multiple files that will be served to your clients.

    The access codes are automatically generated when order is created and you decide wether you want to automate this process. However, you always have an option to manualy generate a code and pass it to the client.

  • Containers

    With the use of our system you can serve different type of content in containers. When you create your first container you're able to add there new content. Each container can hold one or multiple files that will be served to your clients.

    This way, your clients will be able to buy and access the content in batches. You decide what type of content to put in one container. Why not to create a separate container with English audio course and a grammar book?

  • Content/Videos

    If you want to sell your digital content in form of va video you need to choose how the file will be served to your customers. You have three different options for video sourcing

    • File upload - You can upload your mp4 file up to 1GB

    • Youtube - You can provide a link to your private or public video

    • Vimeo - You can provide a link to your private or public video

  • Content/Files

    Selling files with use of our system is pretty simple. You just need to upload the files. We will analyze them and give you some additional options you can choose

    • File upload - You can upload any file up to 1GB

    • Watermarking - If you upload PDF we will give you option to add your watermark

    • Customizing - We can customize a digital signature over certain files like PDFs

    • Limitation - You can limit the times the content will be downloaded

  • Content/Tickets

    Selling tickets with use of our system is easy. You just need to enter the name and date of the event and attach it to your products. Clients will be able to buy tickets to event

    • You can limit the number of tickets

    • You can sell tickets with limited or extended data form

    • People will receive tickets in the client panel and as PDF in the email

    • You can make tickets reusable if you need to

    We will also give you a set of tools to help you to manage the ticketing system:

    • You will get access to tickets search engine

    • You can generate and assign tickets without purchase

    • You can use our mobile app to simply check if ticket is valid or not

  • Mobile app

    Make your content selling business even more flexible and use our mobile application in order to process orders from your clients. Get an order list, check order details and more.

    Manage your existing offers and create new ones. Keep track on sold tickets and check their validity with the help of a simple QR code scanner.

  • Banners

    Our system offers a set of unique marketing options which can help you to attract new clietns to your selling page. You can create beautiful marketing baners which will immidiately gain the attention of a visitor.

  • Appearence

    Change the colors of your selling website and make them alligned with your corporate brand and colors.

    Our system is very flexible and we invite you to be really creative in terms of choosing colors and design for your selling page and remember that you can always go back to default colors.

  • Payments

    You have a wide choice of payment methods that you can provide to your customers including variety of online payment methods such as Paypal or Stripe.

  • Discounts

    Our system supports different options for promotion. You can create promotional codes and pass them to clients in your marketing activities. Customers then can use this code when buying your offers.

    Clients will receive a discount on the terms you specified when creating a promotion. They will see the discount in their basket in an accessible and visible form.

    Creating a promotion is very simple but also very customisable. You can specify the name of the code and whether it will apply to the entire cart or to a specific offer

    You can then define whether the code can be used once or several times, and whether it has an upper limit or can be reused. Each promotion can be calculated by an amount or percentage and be limited to a certain order size.

  • Partners

    Thanks to the affiliate program system, you can include other entities or persons in the promotion of your content. By adding a partner, you generate a special link used to invite potential customers.

    Our system counts the number of customers and calculates the commission on completed orders. By adding an affiliate link, you can define the commission value and the time for the commission arrangements to remain in force. After the indicated time, commissions will no longer be charged.

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