Video has become the most common form for sharing information due to several reasons. First of all, it is the ease of its perception. Content consumers immediately engage their visual and auditory senses while its consumption which entertains their brains. Statistics also indicate the frequency of this format use. According to the results of the study conducted by Vidyard, overall business video creation increased by 135% last year.

What is even more worth noting, is that the most consumed video content often begins with the “how to” tag, which indicates the demand for training videos. According to the current year data, longer-form video content (over 20 minutes in length) grew 66%.

Therefore, we can say that clients are interested in consuming high-quality content and are willing to spend more of their time learning it.

When creating your digital content selling website, you probably thought about how you could present your video lessons. The Cdi system is the most suitable platform for the distribution of this kind of content.

To start uploading your video content, first, create a content campaign in the “Content” section.

Once you have set the name content click “Add” bottom to continue uploading.

Due to the variety of content access ways, both you and your customers get several alternatives:

  • 1) File upload;
  • 2) Youtube video;
  • 3) Vimeo video.

The easiest way to sell training videos is to download them as MP4 files of up to 1 GB. So, having a ready-made video, you can easily and quickly download it using the content settings in the system toolbar. After your client purchases the selected course, he receives an access code, using which he will be able to get the information purchased in the system.

If the chosen format is not something new for you and you have been recording videos for some time, putting them on the Internet, you can easily use your YouTube channel for your training video distribution. Everything you need to do to share the access is to copy the video code of your already uploaded YouTube video and paste it into the system. The code can be found in every video setting or simply in a YouTube URL.

The same principle applies to providing access to videos via Vimeo. If you have already uploaded the video to the platform, copy the code and paste it in the content settings window.

Remember you need to enable viewing from external services in Youtube video settings. Your video can be unlisted but it has to be visible. All your private videos will not be displayed.

Vimeo allows you to use a private mode with an embedded allowance. Just remember to enter your website URL in Vimeo settings.

As soon as you upload your video content, you can start setting up your offer as standard. It is enough to specify the name of the offer, add a description and an attractive picture. Also, don't forget to select the content source.

As soon as the offer appears on your website, the customer can add it to his shopping cart, enter their personal data and make the payment.

As a service provider in the system, after receiving a new order, you just need to change the status to “Delivered” and accept the payment.

At the same time, the customer receives a confirmation of their order by email.

By clicking on the link, the client receives his unique content access code.

After the client has received the access code, he enters it in the request window.

In client’s personal account, the customer can find the purchased content in the “Purchases” section.

By opening the selected product, your customer gets full access to the purchased materials.

The Cdi system doesn't restrict your choice. While developing your own selling website you can use all kinds of video content selling. It will only benefit your business.

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