Platform Features

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  • Your Offers

    Your offers can be displayed either as a simple list of items, or with a visual presentation. If you opt for a visual presentation, you will increase the chances of receiving orders as people like to see what they will get.

    It is important to guarantee the quality of your content. That's why all your offers can be served under your domain and your brand. Your logotype and the name of your shop will be clearly present. Clients will see that you're a professional shop with quality standards.

    Change logotype, colors of your brand

    Change the way products are displayed

    Add photos, videos, ingredients

    You don’t need to write broad descriptions of your products; you can simply list them. If you do choose to write a broader descriptionmethods.

    You can add product variations. Let your clients easily make customisations

    In addition to a great description, you can also combine products and propose add-ons. This will increase the value of the order.

  • Orders

    Our platform is primarily used for collecting and processing delivery orders. Therefore, the customer experience placing and tracking orders is very important.

    Your customers can add products to the cart, and when they are ready they can check out, choosing a delivery option and payment method.

    Your customers can provide delivery details, enter comments, and specify relevant contact details.

    The customer can then choose one of the payment methods that you’ve provided. You can choose which payment methods you want to offer.

    After ordering, your customers will receive an email or SMS (if you have chosen this option) with information about the status of the order. Each message will contain a link where customers can check the delivery time and status.

  • Distribution

    Our platform gives you a straightforward and effective delivery control system. Deliveries can be carried out manually or automatically.

    Depend on the payment method and your settings the content can be served to buyer when you accept the order and change the status or automatically.

    The access to content base on the unique access codes. This way people can buy your content without registering an account in your system. However if they decide to register the account they will find the content in their client panel

    You can create a containers with the content you want to serve. Each container can hold one or multiple files that will be served

    The access codes are automatically generated when order is created and you decide to automate this process. However you can also generate a code and just give it to cliient bypasssing the purchasing system.

  • Content

    With use of our system you can serve a different type of content in containers. When you create your first campaign/container you're able to add new content.

    You choose what type of content you want to serve to people. You have multiple choices

    If you choose files you can upload files up to 2GB. Also whe you upload a PDF files you can use a watemrarking system to proect the content with unique watermark generated based on the order number. When you upload an MP4 or MOV or AVI file it will be played in an internall player on the website and application.

    You can also serve video content from an externnal sources like youtube or vimeo, just provide a video code

  • Payments

    You have a wide choice of payment methods that you can provide to your customers.

  • Discounts

    Our system supports promotion options. Promotions are based on promotional codes that you create and which you can pass on to clients in marketing or remarketing activities. The customer can use this code when placing an order.

    Clients will receive a discount on the terms you specified when creating the promotion. They will see the discount in their basket in an accessible and visible form.

    Creating a promotion is very simple but also very customisable. You can specify the name of the code and whether it will apply to the entire order or a specific product

    You can then define whether the code can be used once or several times, and whether it has an upper limit if it can be reused. Each promotion can be calculated by an amount or percentage and be limited to a certain order size.

  • Partnerships

    Thanks to the affiliate program system, you can include other entities or persons in the promotion of your shop. By adding a partner, you generate a special link used to invite potential customers.

    Our system counts the number of customers and calculates the commission on completed orders. By adding an affiliate link, you can define the commission value and the time for the commission arrangements to remain in force. After the indicated time, commissions will no longer be charged.

  • Private

    Our system allows you to work in private mode. Every customer who wants to take advantage of your offer will have register with your shop first.

    Customers will have access to your offer after obtaining the appropriate verification.

    A private shop can be useful in certain situations.

    When an offer is directed only to a specific group of people

    When you run a closed conference

    If you you want to offer a subscription for your content

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